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Russian female escorts and European male escorts- Couple Escorts Bangkok


Call us now to meet your female Ukrainian /Russian Escort Or Western /European Male Escort, in your hotel room or anywhere you wish in Bangkok!


Straight Russian Female Escort in Bangkok

22 Years old, Polish

Enjoy a wild time with beautiful Nika.

She loves to please her clients, and she always exceeds their expectations.

She is very slim and looks as stunning in her cocktail dress as she does in her lingerie.

Straight Male

Nathan has a calming yet charming aura about him.

He is slim, sexy and muscular.

He has a constant thirst for knowledge and thoughtfully engages in every conversation as he earns to learn more of this ever-changing world.


Maya the Russian
Straight Female Escort in Bangkok

Maya is a beautiful bombshell with a strong personality who loves escorting men.

She is perfect for your most erotic fantasies and would love to be with you.

Her skin is perfect and smooth, and she loves A level too.


Straight Male

 Hunter possesses an aura of positive energy radiating from his smile and eyes.

This is one is a must-have with his experience with women and in the bedroom.

He is every woman’s dream with his strong arms.




Nika Available
Straight Female

Nika has a supple skin with an athletic body you won’t be able to take your eyes off

Nika "the Russian callgirl" will tease you and give you a memorable and pleasurable evening.

Relax and enjoy her company as she loves to give in to your fantasies.


Straight Male

Arthur has an irresistible charm and hospitality

He is a fantastic guy that isn’t afraid to start new things.

He is a chronic romantic and will make you wow.


Straight Female

Busty Natalya "Russian escort" enjoys threesomes with heterosexual couples, erotic shows and acting out on the fantasies of her clients.

She loves nothing more than satisfying her clients and leaving them with memories of the night they will never forget.

Book her, and you won’t regret it!



Straight Male

Enjoy an outrageous time with studded Raphael.

He is devoted to his client’s needs and will give her a memorable experience.

Raphael makes you feel comfortable within minutes of meeting him with his humorous jokes.


Straight Female

Anastasia is a beautiful, young, and open-minded Russian girl who loves trying out new things. She is excellent both for a single partner and for a couple, and she will do all she can to bring satisfaction to her partner(s).

Straight Male

Matt is one of the most passionate escorts that we can offer you. Whenever he is hired, he always makes sure that he does anything his clients want to get the satisfaction they need. He has a great, outgoing personality that you will love from the minute you meet him.

Our models are Male heterosexual escorts in Bangkok, real blonde Russian girls in Bangkok and make themselves accessible to go along with you for one on one or threesome with couples. They can attend dinners with you and over-nights. Our dazzling Escorts are versatile, quick learners and can get to be whoever you wish while they are with you. We can make your bedroom dreams materialise here at Bangkok Escorts for Couples.

We cater to professional women who are seeking a high calibre man to fulfil their fantasies and desires. Our Western male escorts are all well-mannered and polite gentlemen with flawless behaviour that makes them stand out from other male escorts.

Select one of the beautiful escort girls from our gallery, and share an intimate moment with her. We have many types of charming and attractive Western escort girls who come from a range of backgrounds, each one of whom is selected for her attractiveness, discretion and professionalism.             

Bangkok is Thailand’s biggest cities and is also one of the most visited destinations not only in the country but Southeastern Asia as well. The town offers a wide range of opportunities for both tourists and locals, and over the years it has become widely known for all the adult activities that can be performed here. Gambling, nightclubs, escorts – all of this can be found at some great prices, as long as you know where to look.
When it comes to gambling and nightclubs, you will find that you have a wide range of options to choose from. On the other hand, when you are looking for outcall escort services in Bangkok, there are not many places better than ours. We offer a wide range of both European male escorts and European female escorts that you can enjoy. All of our services are aimed at both singles and couples, so if you and your partner like experimenting you can always try something new and exciting while you are here.
The truth is that outcall services are quite popular because sometimes people just need some company. While you are in Bangkok, there are many things that you can do to pass the time, but if you are alone, you will most likely end up being lonely with all the beautiful women and handsome men you see around here. The real problem is that most of the people only don’t have the time needed to go out to nightclubs or bars and look for partners with whom they can go on a date. With all the work, or if you are a tourist the sightseeing, only a handful of people find the necessary time to do on dates. Still, when you feel lonely, there are much more straightforward solutions than this, and one of them is to contact our outcall escort service in Bangkok.
There is also another reason why many people choose to use our services – they want to try out something new. Even if you already have a partner, sometimes your private life gets a little annoying, and the only way to keep a good relationship going forward is to find a way to spice thing up. And what better way to make things more interesting than having a third person join you, even if it’s for a night or two! Speaking truthfully, it is many men’s fantasy to be intimate with two women at the same time, and this can be an excellent gift for your partner if you want to surprise him during your trip. There are also many women who dream of having two men at the same time. So, if you are more open-minded, you can try making the fantasy of your partner come true. This can be an excellent gesture for your partner, and it can take your relationship to the next level. Being together with someone else shows that you trust each other and that you are so in love that you aren’t bothered by something like this.

 * most of our escorts Bio & photos are not published for privacy matters, contact us please to get the full list of working girls.




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