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How Discreet are Russian, European and Ukrainian escort Ladies in Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok?

This is a broad question that requires a comprehensive answer. We will try our best to answer this question without boring you out. Come a little closer, and let’s zoom!
It is quite understandable how it can be insulting and embarrassing for your friends to catch you hooking up with some random chicks on the street. Even if you booked the most expensive and premium Russian, European, and Ukrainian lady, we are not sure your buddies will understand the situation.
Even if the escort is by every standard more beautiful than any random girl you could ever have, your friends will still castigate and shame you for using escort services. But then, your joystick is all too joyful and excited, and you gotta calm it down. What if there’s no regular lady around to calm your nerves down? What if you have the money to buy the hottest chic for yourself for an hour or two?
Of course, go for it. It is your life, and your friends won’t help you deal with blue balls. So, don’t feel embarrassed about using escort services. If it makes you feel any better, prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. If it was that bad, it would not have thrived up till this moment. 
Come in a little closer again; your judgy friends probably had a hooker in their bed last night. They probably said something like, “I had this crazy b*tch from last night’s party.” That’s hookup in another guise. And yea, he skipped the part where he paid her off in the morning. 

What is the Whole Point?

The key point here is that you should worry less about what people think of you. It doesn’t really matter, and you don’t need to let your fears and worries add weight to their weightless opinions. With all these said, let’s now discuss how discreet Russian, European and Ukrainian ladies are.
There’s no straightforward answer to this question that we know of. But here are some things to give you a clue as to how discreet Russian and European girls are and can be if they want to be.  

Are They Under any Agency?

If you are bothered about the leakage of your sensitive information in the hands of an escort, the first thing you want to do is to be sure whether the escort is a free agent or under an agency. Agencies have codes of conduct that the escorts adhere to—theoretically speaking. 
So, all things being equal, you will enjoy some level of discretion from an escort under agencies. Agencies want the continuation of their businesses and will not intentionally do anything to tamper with their business and investment. Needless to say, they caution the escorts under them to be discreet with clients. 
So, if you ask us what our opinion is on this matter, we say book girls under an agency for a layer of discretion. 

What is Their Personality Like?

Sorry, but escort agencies can only do so much. We don’t expect these agencies to install some voice control devices on the voice channels (throats) of the escorts under them. These ladies still have the free will to do what they want and say what they want. 
Therefore, it is still on you to be extra vigilant and watchful. If you are hooking up with any escort, whether Russian or not, it is advisable to read between the lines of her verbal expressions. You may pick one or two clues from them. 
If an escort is naturally talkative, chances are that she may unconsciously spill the beans in the midst of her friends. We know how eager these kinds of girls are to give their girlfriends the gist of their experience. We also know that information spreads like a wild fire among girls.
On the other hand, if she’s reserved and barely talks, maybe, just maybe you, you are safe. 

How Young are They?

We think that the age of an escort, in one way or another, affects their chances of telling on you with their friends or somebody else. This is it. A young university girl is less mature and feels like she’s got nothing to lose. She may be right. 
Now, compare that to a 30-something yeas old lady who is way mature and equally has something to lose, just like you. If such a woman will not cease to speak loosely because of you, she will for herself. Of course, this is in the general sense of things. Nothing is affirmative. 
However, we think that you should favor older women over younger ladies if you are very concerned about discretion.  

Are You Honest and Upfront?

This particular factor is on you. You stand a high chance of evoking the sassy and telling nature of any escort if you attempt to play smart with them. For example, if you promise a girl 20,000 Baht for a one-night stand but change your mind the following morning, you’d better be ready to face whatever comes your way.
Even if you do have a genuine reason to no longer fulfill the promise, you will be made to dearly pay for it. In a worst-case scenario, your story may end up on the “for you” pages of social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. To avoid this, simply be honest and upfront. Pay your debt and leave no room for disrespect.

Parting Words

You can see that there’s not much definitive statements to make on this matter. However, we advise that you should be as silent as possible when dealing with bean spillers. If you don’t want particular information about yourself out in the public space, keep it within yourself. It’s a very simple yet powerful solution to the big problem on ground. 
And try as much as possible to avoid random girls on the streets. This is why we will continue to recommend visiting premium clubs and bars where you will easily meet quality Russian, European and Ukrainian women. Book a VIP table so that only the ladies who feel worthy of you will come around. 
The more decorated your VIP table, the more quality you attract. Therefore, employ a professional to help you decorate your table. One company you can entrust that to is Siam Planner. Siam Planner is a professional event planner that can help you arrange VIP tables in clubs, bars, your room, etc. As their name implies, they can also help you design and plan events.
Side note: you may want to check Siam Planner’s book on how to organize events and parties in Thailand. You can check out their official website for more information on their products and services.

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Why go for a night with an escot in Bangkok

Everyone loves having fun and also everyone knows that one of the most fun and joyful experiences is spending the night with a person of the other gender. However, when you are on vacation in a place such as Bangkok, you will be left with two options. You can either try your own luck and go hitting on people at a bar or you can skip the frustration and simply contact a professional escort service in Bangkok and have them help you find the satisfaction you are seeking.

Bangkok is a very famous city and is most widely recognized for its amazing nightlife and outrageous parties. This is a city that has become famous because of the wide variety of adult activities that are available there. So, it comes as no surprise that some people visit the city simply because they want to escape from their daily routines just so they can have some fun like they have never done before. When it comes to doing something fun, there’s no point arguing that having an escort for the night is one of the most satisfying experiences that you could think of. There are just so many benefits to using escort services that it is no wonder Bangkok is home to so many professional and renowned establishments who are used by hundreds of people every day.

The escort services available in Bangkok are run just as any other business there and so they even have their own websites. Do not be fooled by what you see in movies as this is far away from what reality is. The truth is that escort services are neither shameful nor are they used only by criminals and desperate people. In reality everyone gets a little lonely sometimes and there is just no better way to find a company for the night than contacting a professional escort service. Fortunately for tourists and locals alike, Bangkok is full of professional establishments where you can find a wide variety of men and women that can cater to any taste. With such a great deal of options available you might even find it hard to choose the one you want to spend the night with.

Russian female escots in Bangkok are one of the most popular and demanded female escorts. There is a reason why they are so popular – they are known worldwide for their unrivalled beauty, their amazing physique, and for their great dedication in providing satisfaction to every single one of their clients. Russian female escots have in fact become one of the symbols of female escorts as a whole and so it comes as no surprise that they are so widely demanded. Fortunately for all who are interested in spending a great and memorable night with a Russian female escort, all of the professional escort establishments in Bangkok are capable of providing you with what you need. The truth is that even though Russian female escots go all over the world, the best and most beautiful ones are definitely the ones that you will see, and if you’re lucky enough not only that, in Bangkok.

Another quite common misconception is that only men look for escort services, when in fact this is far away from the truth. In reality women tend to get just as lonely as men do, and even though society believes that women can find a partner much easier than men, this is not always the case. Furthermore, sometimes women might simply want to try something different and what better thing to do then than find an outcall western male escort services in Bangkok. As already mentioned the city is famous for its adult activities, which can be done by both men and women. All professional escort services are aware that women tend to want to have a memorable night just as much as men do, and so they are all capable of providing a wide range of male escorts.

When you are looking for a male escort, it’s hard to deny that the first ones you will be most interested in will be the western male escorts. They are the most popular and demanded of all male escorts, and all professional establishments have made sure that they have enough employees to be able to cater to all women who are interested in them.

Whether you are looking for a male or female escort, one thing is for certain – Bangkok is one of the best cities to go to for this.

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