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Can I Go Wrong with a Russian, European or Ukrainian Escort?

All things being equal, you cannot go wrong with a Couple, Male, Russian, European or Ukrainian escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

But claiming that things are, or suggesting that all things can be equal, cannot be further from the truth and reality. In this post, we will highlight some of the things that can potentially cause a fallout between you and a Russian, European, or Ukrainian escort in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.
Please, note that this post is not to scare you. Instead, it is to inform you of where you may go wrong. We hope that this post will help you deal better with escort ladies in Thailand and any place you find yourself in. 
You must have read a lot of our blog posts praising Russian, European and Ukrainian women. We didn’t lie. The problem is that there are a few bad eggs, and those few bad eggs are the subject of discussion today.

Where can You Go Wrong?

Online escort directories

There’s hardly any post about escorts in Thailand that doesn’t mention online escort directories. This is because it is highly popular among locals and foreign people. And it is not surprising that it is now a hotspot for people with bad intentions. 
The first and obvious set of people that can give you a bad experience on your quest to taste a Russian, European or Ukrainian girl is those who create fake and non-existent profiles to defraud unsuspecting users. 
They are the types that would rather not share much information about themselves, neither will they accept a video call on social media, and will ask you to make payments before anything. If any escort asks you to send them money to verify your interest, block them straight away. 
Another set of people that could potentially ruin the moment for you are the escorts themselves. Needless to say, some of these ladies are uncouth and ill-mannered. A little misunderstanding could metamorphize into an unimaginably big issue. 

Online dating platforms

Perhaps, online dating platforms are the second most used platform for sourcing Russian escorts. The issue we think is prevalent here is that some users do not stay true to their profile claims. Dishonesty is a thing on these platforms, and you can do little to nothing about it. 
However, we recommend that if you intend to have a meaningful relationship with any girl on a dating platform, make sure you dig into her profile. Read between the lines, and ask her questions about herself. Notice if her responses are in accordance with her profile.
When you physically meet, still continue to vet her. If she’s putting up a show, it’s only a matter of time before she starts to contradict herself, revealing her true identity. Just take your time; it is very important.
If you are careful, observing and watchful enough, we believe you will decrease your chances of running into an escort that will give you a run for your honesty.

In real life

You know how it is possible to start a blossoming relationship this month only for it to turn into a story you would rather not tell to anyone the next month? That’s how possible it is to start a catastrophic relationship with a Russian. Heck! No one is a time traveler to know the events that will hold in the future. So, you just have to be hopeful as you try to win the heart of a Russian lady.
We’ve recorded a few cases of unfortunate men who had to face the wrath of the husbands/boyfriends of the Russian girls that they innocently approached. Yea, that is one awful way to go wrong with a Russian, Ukrainian and European escort. Russian men are very territorial and can shoot you to protect what they feel is their territory. Be careful not to trespass. 

How Do I Avoid this?

The solution lies right in the problem itself. If you are using online dating platforms, you want to be extra careful you are not conversing with someone whose ideology doesn’t match yours. You also want to avoid dishonest people. 

If you are on online escort directories, we don’t need to warn you before you know better. There are a couple of fake profiles on these platforms, and you should be wary of them. The simple code here is that if it is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Move on to the next profile.
Lastly, before approaching a girl on the street, watch around you and be sure it is safe to proceed. Also, adopt the culture of asking for a lady’s permission before talking to her. “Excuse me, are you alone?” could be the dentition-saving sentence that you need. Failure to do this could earn you a poor dentition set for the rest of your life.  
The ultimate way to avoid this is by organizing a party where you invite these ladies so that they honor the invite and attend the party on their volition. That way, you can tell if and when they are genuinely interested in you. 
Also, a party that you organize gives you a form of territorial authority and of course, security. If you want this kind of an event, and need a helping hand, we recommend using the services of Siam Planner. Siam Planner is known for organizing such events in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. You can visit their official website now to get a quote.

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