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Are Russian Escorts Educated and Professional?

Are Russian, European and Ukrainian escorts educated and professional? Yes, they are educated and professional. No, they are not educated and professional. 
It can be any of those answers above, depending on where you are sourcing the girl from. In this article, we will attempt to answer the question above based on our research, experience and expertise in the field. 

Are Russian, Ukrainian, and European Escorts Educated?

Going by the events in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, it is safe to assume that they are very much educated. There’s really a low chance of running into an uneducated Russian and European escort in Thailand—at least, not in the capital city of Thailand, neither in Pattaya or Phuket. 
Ever since Thailand reviewed its visa and immigration policies, many Russians have trooped into the city for a greener pasture and maybe just fun. The same thing can be said about Ukrainians and other European countries. 
These ladies are usually top picks for foreigners in the country for two major reasons: they are beautiful (isn’t it obvious?), and they are educated. One thing we would like to point out here is that many people easily confuse understanding English with literacy. Maybe they are right, or maybe not. 
But if understanding English is your definition of literacy and education, well, there you go. But much more than that, Russians are educated. By the way, did you know that English is not their official language?

Are Russian, Ukrainian, and European Escorts Professional?

Yes, they are—very professional, actually. Undoubtedly, professionalism adds to their perks, which is one of the major reasons they are foreign men’s favorites. They are so professional that we have a whole blog post detailing their professionalism and how they achieve it. You can check out our blog section to read about it.
As of 2021, Russia was ranked 23rd on the list of countries with the best educational systems in the world. That’s a fair grade, and it speaks volumes of how educated an average Russian is in their home country. If you need context, Thailand itself ranked 46th on that same list.

Are there Uneducated Russians in Thailand?

Sure, there are uneducated Russians in Thailand. Thailand doesn’t have a visa policy that forbids and restricts uneducated people from visiting the country. Therefore, you can expect to run into a few of them. Thankfully, they don’t look any different from their educated counterparts. We don’t even see the point of worry here.
If you are simply concerned about the English proficiency of a Russian, European or Ukrainian escort in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, the good news is that you can easily filter them out based on your taste and preference. 
Even better is when you use online dating platforms or escort directories that can allow you to filter your search based on understood and spoken language. If you are calling in at a bar, you can tell the phone lady that you would rather have a Russian, European or Ukrainian girl who can speak English. That solves the problem.
However, in the event that you bump into a very beautiful Russian who doesn’t understand English but can’t seem to take your eyes off her, there are still ways to go about it. One good, simple and efficient way to solve the problem is to communicate via chat. When you send her a message, she can easily run it through Google Translate, and vice versa. 
Another trick to it is to hire a translator. It all depends on which option is better for both of you in terms of convenience, cost and whatever metric you wish to use. Lucky you if you have friends that volunteer to be your interpreter. 

What if I Don’t Understand English or Russian?

If you don’t understand English or Russian but really want a Russian girl for the night, we suggest you use the same medium through which you can read this post up to this point. Another option is to hire a translator who understands your language and English or Russian.

Where Can I Get Educated and Professional Escorts in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket?

You can get your desired Russian, European or Ukrainian escort in many places. If you love to spend the money and get the girls without questions and unnecessary interrogations, just book one from an online escort directory. 
Or, you can simply call a bar and tell them what you want. The downside to this is that the fun is usually transactional. It’s more like the ladies owe you their moans. 

If you are hoping to get some freebies, or something more casual and natural, trusting your game with women, then you’d better be prepared to go all out and visit tourist attraction centers in the city. In these locations, you will meet a lot of foreign ladies that are there for sightseeing sake, while others are there waiting for someone to hit on them—exactly where you come in.
After all, not only you are interested in having fun. So, lucky are you if you can successfully hit on one that matches your energy and complements your vibes! At least you just won yourself a free ticket to a Russian girl for the night. 
If you want more Russians with a genuine desire for you to gather around you, one quick to achieve that is by throwing a casual party. Invite your friends, and let your friends invite theirs so the party can be electrifying! 

Call Siam Planner

Pick up your phone and head to the official website of Siam Planner, an event planning company in Thailand servicing three major cities, i.e., Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. They can help you set up a memorable party to which Russian, European and Ukrainian girls will naturally be drawn. Don’t worry about taking one of them home. Instead, you should worry about 5 of them dragging you home. 

Do It Yourself

You are right if you think you can handle event planning by yourself. And it would help to get Siam Planner’s guide on planning events in Thailand. Trust our words when we say it is really going to come in handy. That’s not all. 
Siam Planner also has e-cards for sale. E-cards are just like your regular invitation cards. The only difference is that it is in a digital format, making it reusable at no additional cost. You can get all of these on their official website anytime.

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