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Tired of the status co sexual or pleasuring style and looking to spice things up? Want to experience better and bigger sexual relationship while still maintaining your current partner?

Escort for couples in Bangkok and Pattaya is got you covered. At Escort for couples, we offer you male and female escort services in Thailand to take your sexual relationship to the next stage. If you are looking to share a memorable moment of pleasure with a charming gentleman or a seductive lady, or you’re a couple and want a third party to spice your sexual relationship with your partner, you’ve come to the right place! Bangkok Russian/Western/European And Foreign Escorts for Couples is the right place for you.

Welcome to the Oldest Foreign Male Escort's Planner Agency in Bangkok or Pattaya

For Your Safety - Never Trust Any Freelance Escorts!

Russian escorts in Bangkok- for couples
Male escort in Bangkok and Russian call girls in Pattaya

- Several men, women and couples are suffering from a boring sexual life and are indeed desirous of a spark in their sexual and conjugal relationship. Are you in this category? If yes, Western Escort For Women Or Couples In Thailand is here and ready to bring some spices into your sexual relationship and give a long lasting sexual experience like you have never thought of.

We provide both European male escorts in Bangkok or in Pattaya and European female escorts in Bangkok or in Pattaya. Our couple escorts, call girl and call boy agency comprises of healthy, beautiful, and professional Russian girls or European boys who make it their priority to ensure you have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience every time you employ our out-call service. Our Lesbian and heterosexual Russian ladies are chosen after proper scrutiny and we thus can guarantee you unhindered enjoyment and flavor. 

- We likewise offer western male escort in Bangkok. Our male escorts are chosen from a range of healthy, energetic and vibrant young men. call boys who would give you an unforgettable experience and make you thirst for more. Our male escorts are available for both single women who want to have some nice time alone as well as couples who have formed a consensus to spice up their sexual relationship with some a nice but unintrusive third party. 

- Are you desirous of an escort service but afraid of blackmail? Worry no longer. Confidentiality remains a strict policy of our escort services in Pattaya or in Bangkok. All escorts are endeared to keep the identity of clients clean and safe. You can also be sure that our escorts- both male and female- are professionals who would not usurp into your personal details and identity. We keep every client information safe and so does our escorts as well.

- Are you a man whose wife has been complaining or reacting to a boring sexual relationship? Before your partner begins to cheat, you can introduce an idea and reach a consensus with your wife to have one or more of our male escorts in Bangkok for a revival of your sexual relationship while still keeping your relationship safe from infiltration. Don’t be scared, our escorts are professional and won’t take advantage of this service to start a secret relationship with your partner. Our confidentiality policies are strict and unaccommodating of such character.

Bangkok Escort for Couples is an exclusive companionship agency, presenting the most beautiful/handsome discreet Western heterosexual male & Russian sexy escorts in Bangkok or Pattaya for heterosexual couples to our clients.


All of these escorts are straight and are for straight clients "unless you want to book a Russian lesbian call girl".

Bangkok Russian Escort agency carefully selects each escort for their high quality and reliable personality.

- Have you or your partner ever imagined or talked about bringing in another man or woman to act out a DUO sexual fantasies? Maybe you want a no-strings-attached the third party to share an enjoyable and intimate time with your spouse. Our escorts at Bangkok Escort for Couples are available for you. They are discreet and would love to spend some time with the both of you.


- Just choose any of our gentlemen or ladies to spend your evening with. Not only will you be getting a fantastic Western escort/Russian escorts in Bangkok and in Pattaya, but you’ll also get great company and a night you will not forget as the best holiday you ever had in Thailand.

Escorts for Couples is the foreign escort service provider of choice for professionals and business people all over the city of Pattaya or Bangkok.


- We guarantee you a first-rate and discreet service in the company of a beautiful or handsome companion.


- If you want to share a moment of pleasure with a charming gentleman or a seductive lady, or you’re a couple and want a third party, you’ve come to the right place! Russian Escorts in Bangkok or Pattaya for Couples has just what you need. Outcall escort service is one of the most highly demanded call boy/call girl services that you could think of. Many men and women choose to use this kind of sexual or non-sexual services whenever they are feeling lonely or want to spice things up with their partner because of the simple reason that it is the easiest way to get what they want without much of an effort.


- If you are interested in what we have to offer, continue reading and check out our service page and catalogue. We provide both European male escorts and Russian female escorts in Bangkok or Pattaya. Our companions are some of the best and most attractive ones that you will find anywhere.


Our staff have had plenty of experience and are ready to give their best so that you can feel satisfied. We highly recommend every single one of them, as they are all competent and experienced.


- Our escorts are open minded and would give great effort to make you regular, so why not give them a try? The European male escorts that we offer are all handsome, young men who love doing their job. They are available to both single women and couples visiting Bangkok or Pattaya.


- The truth is that most of the women have had fantasies about using male escort services but are just too ashamed to do it. There is nothing to be ashamed of when using our services. All people feel the need to try something new, and women should embrace this feeling rather than trying to hide it. Furthermore, we are incredibly discreet and confidential, so you don’t have to worry about giving your name or people finding out about you using our services.


- As a man, if you are looking for a way to make your woman happy, you might want to consider hiring Foreigner male escorts in Bangkok. You might be surprised, but it is many women’s fantasy to have a threesome with two men. You can now make this fantasy come true. What’s more, this way you will show her that you have faith in her and that you trust her enough to share her with someone else for a night, so that she can live out one of her deepest fantasies. We also offer lesbian Russian female escorts in Bangkok or in Pattaya that are available to both single men and couples.


- Many times men naturally find it harder to spend the night with someone because of the fact that they are usually seen as the ones that should initiate a move. However, sometimes you might be tired of doing this or too shy to approach a woman. Fortunately, for this, there are our services. With us, you don’t have to worry about being rejected, and you can handpick the woman that you want to be with for an overnight. If you are looking for a good time with a beautiful Russian girl, this is the place that you should go to.


- If you are a woman who wants to keep your relationship healthy and you feel real trust with your partner, you might want to consider hiring a Russian callgirl for the night. The truth is that one of the men’s biggest fantasies, in general, is having a three-way with his favorite woman and another girl. This fantasy can now come true with our services, and this is a great gift that you can give to your partner to show him that you trust him and want him to be happy. So, when you are in need of outcall escort service in Pattaya and Bangkok , be sure to consider contacting us. We have a wide range of companions available for you at some reasonable and competitive prices. Read more!

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